How is Makitoo different from other analytics tools?

Makitoo enables you to easily make data analysis on your product, without any data analyst or developer involved. How? Instead of focusing on traffic or funnels, Makitoo helps product teams to analyze the impacts of each new features or releases on their key metrics. Therefore you can easily know where you should focuse your product efforts.

The two main concepts you should understand are: KPI and features.

What is a feature?

A feature is a part of your software or an alternative to an existing one.

For instance, usual features on an email service are:

  • “star” button
  • “archive” button
  • “remind me later” button

You can add and correlate any feature with your KPIs.

What is a KPI?

KPI means Key Performance Metric. They are used to measure some metrics on your product.

For instance, usual KPIs on an email service are:

  • Send a email
  • Click on a received email
  • Archive an email

Most of the time, you are already using an analytics tool. Don’t worry, you won’t have to reinstall a new one. We provide connectors to the most common analytics providers.

How is the setup?

The setup should only take you a few minutes. You won’t even need to bother a developer if you already have some analytics!

You will need to follow the following steps:

  • Configure the way you want to collect your data
    • Connect your analytics tool through one of our integration plugin or
    • Use our analytics technology
  • Add the features you want to follow through a simple form
  • Map your KPIs defined with your data collected

That is it! You will view results as soon as the data come in.

What about feature flags?

Well, you heard it right, we also provide some feature flag librairies. Why? In order to be more accurate in our feature-analytics correlation, we need to be able to track each feature precisely. It implies to add a few lines in your code.

By the way, feature flags also enable you to deploy your features on a targeted audience. Could be great for beta testing or progressive release!