Data collection

There are two ways to collect data:

  • connect your existing data source looking at the integration section
  • use Makitoo event tracking


Please find below our main connectors. If you don’t find your data source in that list, send us an email at


Have you already set up some events with Segment? You can integrate Segment with Makitoo to retrieve all your defined metrics.

First, go to your dashboard and go to the integration tab.


Then, find the webhook integration:


And click on it:


Select the settings tab, find the webhook URL in your app’s integration guide, and paste it in this field:


Then, select the advanced settings tab and copy the segment secret (also in your app’s integration guide) in the secret tab:



Have you already set up some events with Mixpanel? You can connect Mixpanel with Makitoo to retrieve all your Mixpanel events.

All you need to do is to copy-paste your Mixpanel API secret on Makitoo interface.

Google Analytics

Have you already set up trackers with Google Analytics? You can connect Google Analytics with Makitoo to retrieve all your GA data.

You will need to copy-paste your Google Analytics view ID and to connect your Google account to Makitoo.

Google Tag Manager

Have you already set up tags with Google Tag Manager ? You can send data to Makitoo directly from your Google Tag Manager interface.

All you need is to create a Custom HTML Tag :


Then, simply copy/paste the following snippet into the HTML area and do not forget to replace “APPLICATION_ID” and define “eventName” property:

(function () {
    var eventName = ""; // What's your event name ?
    var properties = {}; // Does it have custom properties ?

    var appId = "APPLICATION_ID";
    function a(){;mkt.config.server="";mkt.track(eventName,properties, "gtm")}if("undefined"===typeof mkt){var b=document.createElement("script");b.onload=a;b.src="";document.head.appendChild(b)}else a();

Have you already set up some events with Keen? You can connect Keen with Makitoo to retrieve all your Keen event data.

You will need to copy-paste your Keen project ID and one API key on Makitoo. You can use an API Read Key to retrieve your raw data from your collections or your API master Key to access your saved queries.

New Relic

You are already using New Relic? You can connect New Relic with Makitoo to retrieve some usefull data on your application performance.

To set up the connection, you need to add your Account ID, your application ID and your API query key. Then, you will be able to retrieve metrics based on specific queries (e.g. Average page load, average Ajax response time, etc.).

Makitoo library

If you do not have any of the supported integrations, you can use the Makitoo library for your technology.