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Bug reporting with smart bucketing

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Detect and fix errors faster

Adding logs automatically into your code

We think developers should focus on their core job: crafting high-quality code.
That is why we design Makitoo: to take care of the time-consuming, low value added, but still highly necessary, error event logging.

Smart Bucketing

View all similar bugs in one single bucket: bugs are grouped by where it breaks in your code

Sort by key metrics to mesure impact on users to prioritize bug fixing effort

Monitor all your Java and JavaScript code (even external librairies if you want to)

Makitoo dashboard

Real-Time Diagnosis

Understand the issue thanks to key information: context, detailed environnement data & unique insights

Collect automatically variable states in your stacktrace

Access the latest bug reports to enable detailed investigation

View on a specific bucket

Code focus

Have a direct link to your source code

Explore the timeline of events leading to the bug

Retrieve each trace enriched with context data

Works with any framework (for instance on JS: Angular, Angular2, React, Ember, Vue, Backbone, etc.)

View on a detailed report

Why using Makitoo?

French Institute for Research in Computer Science and Automation
Top-notch technology

Makitoo, leveraging a technology based on years of research carried out at INRIA, automatically inserts reporting probes into your source code. It is all automatic and exhaustive.


Makitoo improves your
reactivity to fix bugs


Makitoo automatically adds all logs,
no manual error tracking required


Makitoo enables you to
catch every single error

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Currently available for Java & JavaScript applications
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