Define better web analytics
without writing code

Makitoo tracks everything your users do automatically (views, clicks, scrolls, load times...). Just select and rename events you want to analyze and have them sent to your favorite analytics tool.


Connect Makitoo with your existing tool:

Google Analytics

How it works

Tracking user actions should be easier. Streamline your tracking plan with Makitoo.

1 30 seconds setup

Add one single script into your code to capture all user actions.

Makitoo setup

2 Collect your data

View all the event automatically collected by Makitoo.

Makitoo collect events

3 Define your metrics

Select, name and specify the events you want to track.

Makitoo define events

4 Push your analytics

Connect your existing analytics tool to play with your data.

Makitoo integrations
Makitoo setup
Makitoo define events
Makitoo define events
Makitoo integrations

Key benefits

Makitoo is the best way to track your events, so you can better understand your user behaviors.

Save dev time

You don’t need coding skills.
You view your website and click to precisely track all your events.

Stay up-to-date

You retrieve the list of all events (defined or not), so you cannot miss a new event or a mistake.

Become an expert

You can collect any type of data that you want (views, clicks, load times, errors, etc...).

Try it, you will love it!

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